Ceramic Materials Workshop

Ceramic Materials ​Workshop is a place where ceramicists at all levels can learn how clay and glazes function, online.


Explore Our Different Ceramics Courses

All of our courses feature an in-depth study of glazes and clay bodies with hands-on lab testing and live discussions with the instructor and other students.

Understanding Glazes Featured Image

Understanding Glazes

Introduction to Clay Bodies Featured Image

Introduction to Clay Bodies

Advancing Glazes Featured Image

Advancing Glazes

Crystal Ball


Learn. Understand. Make.

​​Ceramic Materials ​Workshop is a place online to understand and explore how and why our Clay and Glazes work (and don’t work). Our materials speak for us in the home and gallery. It benefits us to learn about how to speak through our materials. Mastering the skills of clay and glaze performance helps every ceramicist, become their best self in the studio.

Ceramicists at all levels can now learn how Clay and Glazes function with us online.


Learn on your own schedule with our self-paced workshops.

Glaze of our Lives Featured Image

Glaze of Our Lives

Answer all those questions you had since you started ceramics and more.

The Middle Glazes Featured Image

The Middle Glazes

Learn the answers to the mysteries of mid-temperature glazes.

Glazed and Confused Featured Image

Glazed and Confused

Learn how the Unity Molecular Formula and Stull’s Map can make your studio better.

Workshop Bundle Featured Image

Workshop Bundle

Includes all 3 CMW Workshops – Glaze of Our Lives, The Middle Glazes, Glazed and Confused – for a great price.


Check Out the Latest From CMW

CMW Digital Glaze Book

We are excited to officially announce our newest offerings to you!  Our new glaze book contains over 7,500 glaze tests for 15 base glazes and includes recipes and images for all of them!  
For each of the 15 base glazes, we include 8 base glazes fired to Cone 10 and 7 base glazes fired to Cone 6 in both oxidation and reduction.  
And all 15 base glazes were tested using multiple thicknesses and all sources of alkaline and earth metals and colorants that we have available to us.  
It truly is an amazing amount of glaze knowledge!    

2023 CMW Australian Tour

We are very excited to officially announce our 2023 Australian tour! Rose and Matt will be headed down under for most of June and July to teach several in-person workshops!

New Course Option! 

Self Guided Understanding Glazes


  • Includes Understanding Glazes on demand lectures + hands on learning lab + access to new glaze test book with over 7,500 glaze tests

    Who We Are

    Meet Your Instructors, Rose and Matt

    Rose and Matt Katz will be your guides on your CMW journey. With over 40 years of combined glaze and clay experience, they have created an online learning experience for all levels of students.


    What Our Students Are Saying

    You don’t have to take our word for it…


    “You both have totally changed my ceramics, I am having the best year ever! Best thing I have done in my career was to take your courses.”


    Ellen M. – Advancing Glazes Student


    “I am listening to your lecture in the car through traffic and it’s a different experience now that I understand what you are talking about and actually experienced it myself.”


    Shay C. – Student


    “I cannot say enough in regards to how amazing this is.”


    Owen Dearing – mugrevolution.com

    Who We Are

    Ceramic Materials Workshop is your online place to learn more about your glazes and clay. Start your glaze journey with us today!

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