Glazed and Confused

Understanding the Unity Molecular Formula

Workshop Overview

Glazed and Confused: Understanding the Unity Molecular Formula is the chance to explore and understand how and why glazes work (and don’t work). Our special workshops are designed for your busy schedule. Hosted online and on demand, you can watch our video and learn whenever you have a chance – on a lunch break, waiting for a kiln to cool, even from your phone in bed. Our online workshops are open to everyone around the world, waiting for you at any time. It is a special opportunity to learn about glazes, like never before. Glazed and Confused: Understanding the Unity Molecular Formula is a short workshop exploring the mysteries of the Unity Molecular Formula and learning how we use the U.M.F. to make our studios the best they can be.

Cost:  $50

Sample Video

We Explore:

Part 1

  • Where does the U.M.F. come from
  • How firing temperature works
  • How cones work
  • How glazes melt

Part 2

  • Understanding the U.M.F.
  • What are Moles
  • How to calculate the U.M.F.

Part 3

  • How to interpret U.M.F. numbers
  • Stull’s Map
  • Temperature

Part 4

  • Predicting glaze behavior
  • Altering glaze formulas
  • Flux Ratios


  • Advantages of the U.M.F.

Course Reviews

What Students are Saying


“Hi Matt, I finally started going through your intro workshop- Glazed and Confused. I’ve been formulating glazes using the UMF for many years. I’ve used (or tried) most of the various software tools. I have to say, your workshop is excellent! You really have a gift of communication and your presentation of concepts is entertaining, accurate and practical all at the same time. Not an easy feat to pull off. Thanks for pulling it all together. I’ll finish this one and move on to the next.”


Rod H. – Student – Nov 2021

Workshop Bundle

Enroll in all 3 of CMW’s Workshops and Save $!

We have bundled our students’ favorite workshops together. Glaze of Our Lives, The Middle Glazes and Glazed & Confused are great for beginners and give a solid introduction to glazes and how they work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions

How long does the class run?

There is no time limit to this workshop. You will have access to it for as long as we are around.

Why should I take this class? I’ve got books.

Books are great, but books are a supplement and a reference in education. The reason why school is still lecture classes is because audio/visual learning is still the most powerful educational tool.

When I first started studying materials I got a book, and I read every word…and I understood about 1% of it. The experience of listening and looking helps us to truly UNDERSTAND a subject.

What if I missed something in the lecture?

Rewind and watch it again. You can watch it as often as you need!

Science? Are you going to make me learn chemistry?

Yes! Ceramics are chemical reactions, and to understand them, we have to understand chemistry.

Have no fear, part of how we teach is to craft information to make it relevant and understandable for you.

The ceramics community is wonderful, but is also filled with rumors and speculation about how things work. That information is often wrong or misleading, that can lead to work not surviving the making process. We use the best information and research to teach you how your materials REALLY work. All of our teachings are backed up by research and data, no rumors or speculation.

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