UMF Calculators

Among the myriad of glaze formulation methods, U.M.F. (Unity Molecular Formula) Calculators are a potter’s secret weapon for achieving precise and consistent results.

UMF glaze calculators are designed to assist potters in formulating glazes with specific surfaces and textures in mind. At their core, these calculators utilize the concept of Unity Molecular Formula, which represents the  molecular ratios of the materials in the glaze. By inputting the desired materials and their respective proportions, you can generate custom recipes that perfectly align with your artistic vision.

The CMW teams has custom designed four free UMF glaze calculators to meet your specific needs below: 

Basic UMF: This is the original, typically what our students rely on

EU/UK Version: Same great tool, specifically for European materials

Experimental UMF: The advanced option, incorporate the chemistry of your colorants rather than just the base glaze

UMF to Batch Calculator: Need to go from UMF to a complete recipe? This one’s for you!

Unity Molecular Formula (UMF) Calculator

Here is a video on how to use our free UMF calculator!

Learn more about the UMF in this short video about how to calculate the UMF manually.

Learn more about CMW’s short workshop Glazed and Confused:  Understanding the Unity Molecular Formula

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