Self-guided short workshops to build your relationship with glazes.

Glaze of our Lives Featured Image

Glaze of Our Lives

Answer all those questions you had since you started ceramics and more.

The Middle Glazes Featured Image

The Middle Glazes

Learn the answers to the mysteries of mid-temperature glazes.

Glazed and Confused Featured Image

Glazed and Confused

Learn how the Unity Molecular Formula and Stull’s Map can make your studio better.

Workshop Bundle

Enroll in all three workshops and save $50!
Cost:  $250 for unlimited, lifetime access

CMW Digital books

Now Available!

Two New Ways to Learn:

CMW Digital Glaze Book and CMW Digital Glaze Book with Matt’s Analysis

The CMW Digital Glaze Book contains over 7,500 glaze tests for 15 base glazes and includes recipes and images for all of them. Sign up for the Digital Glaze Book with Matt’s Analysis to also receive recorded, on demand videos of Matt’s in depth analysis for each test.

Workshop FAQ

Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions

How long does the class run?

Students have immediate, lifetime access to our workshop series and digital books.

Science? Are you going to make me learn chemistry?

Yes! Ceramics are chemical reactions, and to understand them, we have to understand chemistry.

Have no fear, part of how we teach is to craft information to make it relevant and understandable for you.

What if I missed something in the lecture?

Rewind and watch it again. You can watch it as often as you need!

Why should I take this class? I’ve got books.

Books are great, but books are a supplement and a reference in education. The reason why school is still lecture classes, is because audio/visual learning is still the most powerful educational tool.

When I first started studying materials I got a book, and I read every word…and I understood about 1% of it. The experience of listening and looking helps us to truly UNDERSTAND a subject.

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