A Little About Our Team

​​Ceramic Materials ​Workshop is a place online to understand and explore how and why our Clay and Glazes work (and don’t work). Our materials speak for us in the home and gallery. It benefits us to learn about how to speak through our materials.

Meet the Founders

The CMW Founders Have a Love for Each Other and Glaze Chemistry

Ceramic Materials Workshop (CMW) was founded in 2016 by Rose & Matt Katz. Together they have over 40 years of combined ceramic material experience, both in the field and in the classroom. Their penchant to dive deeper and explore glaze and clay chemistry has allowed them to truly master all types of ceramic materials in a format that is easy for students of all levels to learn.

Today they share a workshop in the New England region of the US with their 2 boys and several furry friends.

Rose Katz

Before CMW, Rose worked in the tile industry as a clay and glaze engineer for over 10 years after receiving her B.F.A. from Alfred in ceramic art. She also spent many years as an independent artist and production potter. Rose’s maker and industry experience combined with her love of ceramic materials makes her background and knowledge truly special.

Matt says…
“Rose…has all the brains.”

Rose Katz, Founder, Ceramic Materials Workshop
Matthew Katz, Founder, Ceramic Materials Workshop

Matt Katz

Matt Katz is a working ceramic artist with a B.F.A from Alfred and M.F.A. from the University of Colorado-Boulder. His background includes working as a ceramic engineer and researcher for over 20 years including 15 years of teaching ceramic materials for artists at Alfred University. Matt is an experienced online educator who loves to use his knowledge of art and engineering to make ceramic science understandable for makers of all experience levels.

Rose says…
”Matt…tells bad Dad jokes, but knows his stuff”

The CMW Team

Rose and Matt Can’t do it Alone…Meet the Rest of the CMW Team!

Kyra Lysynecky - Business Manager

Kyra Lysynecky – Business Manager

Kyra joined CMW in 2021 to help Rose and Matt with the day-to-day business tasks so that they would be able to focus on the bigger picture. She brings over 30 years of sales and marketing experience working for all sized companies.

Rose says…
“Kyra always gives me a to do list”

Julia Spielman – Ceramic Materials Lab Assistant

Julia is a recent graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and Design where she majored in ceramics and took a special interest in ceramic chemistry. She has experience working with mold making in both plaster and silicone and during her senior year, she focused on crystalline glazes research and testing.

Matt says…
“Julia…just works here for the pets.”

Julia Spielman - Ceramic Materials Lab Assistant
Jacob Zimmerman - Ceramic Materials Engineer

Jacob Zimmerman – Ceramic Materials Engineer

Jacob Comes to CMW from a manufacturing background. His goal is to support our clients with consulting expertise and friendly face. He is an avid hiker and took on the Pacific Crest Trail in 2019.

Kyra says…
“Jake loves the New England weather”

Our Furry Friends

Roxy, Nova, Tassie+Roux and Liddy Have a Lot to Say About Ceramics

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