Glaze of Our Lives

Understanding Glazes For The Beginner

Workshop Overview

Glaze of Our Lives: Understanding Glazes for the Beginner is our online, on-demand workshop to help people with no, or little experience learn about what glazes are and how they work. We answer all those questions you’ve always wondered about and smash a lot of those ceramic myths you may have been told. It is over 12 hours of content that you may watch, whenever, wherever, however often, and on whatever device, and when you purchase it, you will have access to it as long as Ceramic Materials Workshop is around.

Cost:  $100


Sample Video

We Explore:


  • Welcome
  • What will I learn?
  • What is a glaze?

Fired Up

  • How temperature works
  • Temperature: Cone 10, Cone 6, Cone 04, Bisquing

Glazed Over

  • Glaze Types: Gloss, Matte, and Satin, Slow Cooling Phase Separation


  • Reading a Formula
  • Glaze Ingredients: Feldspar, Carbonates, Clay, Flint, Borates; Glaze Additives

Color Me Mine

  • Colors: Colorants, Stains, Opacifiers
  • Toxicity and Durability


  • Glaze Types: Celadon (Blue, Green, Amber), Temmoku, Snowflake Crackle, Tea Dust, Oil Spot, Hare’s Fur, Tomato Red/Kaki, Iron Bleeding, Adventurine, Shino, Wood Ash, Fake Wood Ash, Jun, Nuka, Crawling (bead), Crystalline, Fake Metallic, Oribe, Copper Red, Chrome-Tin Pink, Floating Blue, Lava; Firings: Oxidation, Reduction, Body Reduction

Flaws and All

  • Glaze Flaws: Crazing, Shivering, Crawling, Metal marking, Running, Pin-holing, Blistering; Layering Glazes


  • Where to Begin
  • What is the Unity Molecular Formula

Course Reviews

What Students are Saying


“I have recently been taking online courses by “ceramics materials workshops” instructor, Matt Katz, a knowledgeable and effective communicator. Not the more advanced one yet, just the two more beginning ones. You’d think after almost 50 years of making pottery I wouldn’t have much left to learn but you’d be wrong.”


Ray West – Sequoia Pottery

Workshop Bundle

Enroll in all 3 of CMW’s Workshops and Save $50!

We have bundled our students’ favorite workshops together. Glaze of Our Lives, The Middle Glazes and Glazed & Confused are great for beginners and give a solid introduction to glazes and how they work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions

How long do I have to watch a lecture?

Once a lecture is made available, it is there for you to watch as often as you can, for the duration of the class.

It seems a bit pricey.

This a full workshop, not just a primer or an overview. We teach our courses for some of the best ceramic programs in the world. We are able to do that because our classes are the best.

Our goal is to help you make your studio the best it can be. Get more successful work out of the kiln. Have you suffered from less “Post Firing Depression”. You value your studio time. We want to help you get the most work and the best work out of your studio.

To do this, we focus on two things.
1) The real science behind how glazes and clays work.
2) How do ceramists think about materials, and how do they learn best?

What devices can I watch the lectures on?

Any device at all. All that is required is good internet connection.

But I’m an artist. Science doesn’t apply to us. We use materials differently.

Science always applies. Yes, artists have a special approach to how we think about and use materials. We have to be considerate of what it going on in our materials. Ceramics is a scientific process, even if the result is art.

The ceramics community is wonderful but is also filled with rumors and speculation about how things work. That information is often wrong or misleading, which can lead to work not surviving the making process. We use the best information and research to teach you how your materials REALLY work. All of our teachings are backed up by research and data, no rumors or speculation.


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