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Check back here often for updates on what CMW is up to!


CMW is headed to Anderson Ranch Arts Center!

Matt and Rose will be heading to CO next June to do a intensive 2 week glaze workshop!  

New Course Option! 

Self Guided Understanding Glazes

 Includes Understanding Glazes on demand lectures + hands on learning lab + access to our new digital glaze book with over 7,500 glaze tests

Now Available!  Our Digital Glaze Book!

Test, Test, Test!  7500 Glaze Tests From Ceramic Materials Workshop is our new glaze book that contains over 7,500 glaze tests for 15 base glazes and includes recipes and images for all of them!  
For each of the 15 base glazes, we include 8 base glazes fired to Cone 10 and 7 base glazes fired to Cone 6 in both oxidation and reduction.  
And all 15 base glazes were tested using multiple thicknesses and all sources of alkaline and earth metals and colorants that we have available to us.  
It truly is an amazing amount of glaze knowledge!    

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