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Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions

Explore many of the frequently asked questions we receive regarding our courses.

What experience level are your classes for?

All of our classes are designed for makers of all levels, regardless of experience.

How does this “Online Class” thing work?

We currently offer several types of classes:

  1. Full Courses are our interactive, 4 month course that includes on demand lectures, lab experiments and live Q&A discussions with Matt and the other students. Each week an on demand lecture and optional lab experiment are released.  We currently offer 4 full courses – Understanding Glazes, Introduction to Clay Bodies, Advancing Glazes and Crystal Ball.  Over the first 3 months, on demand lectures are released each week along with an optional lab.  Every other week, students meet with Matt to discuss the lectures and review lab results.  The last month allows students to continue their testing and review of the course materials.
  2. Self-Guided Courses are our option for students who would like to work at their own pace.  Upon enrollment, students have immediate 4 months of access to the on demand lectures and lab experiments.  Students can post questions about the materials in the course pages.  We currently offer Understanding Glazes with this option.
  3. Workshops are on demand courses that include immediate, unlimited lifetime access to the on demand lectures. We currently offer 3 workshops – Glaze of Our Lives, The Middle Glazes and Glazed and Confused.
  4. CMW Lectures Only courses are just that. The on demand lectures included in our full courses – Understanding Glazes, Introduction to Clay Bodies, Advancing Glazes and Crystal Ball. Students have 4 months of access.
  5. Digital Books – CMW has 2 unlimited, lifetime options for our glaze test book – Test, Test, Test!  7500 Glaze Tests From Ceramic Materials Workshop.  One is just the book and the second is the book + video recordings with Matt’s analysis.

When are the live Q&A hangouts?

Each full course offers several hangouts every other week. You’re only expected to attend one, but are welcome to attend as many as you like. All are recorded for later viewing.  Check the course pages for the schedules.

    What if I can’t make the live Q&A hangouts?

    All the live hangouts are recorded, so you can go back and watch them at any time.

      I live in Country X, can I participate?

      We currently have students from every continent except Antarctica (Still no kilns down there, last we heard). The great thing about glaze chemistry is that it is universal. You may have different materials than we do, but it makes no difference to how glazes work.

        What materials and equipment do I need to complete the lab testing?

        Lab testing is only part of our full courses. Upon enrollment students will receive an email with materials and equipment to complete the labs. We will also work with you during the 1st couple of weeks of class to make any substitutions needed.

          How long do I have access to the course?

          It depends on the type of class you take. Full and lectures only courses include 4 months of access to the course materials. Workshops have unlimited, lifetime access.

            What if I need more time to finish the course?

            Patreon is our option to extend your access to our full, self-guided and lectures only courses. You will have access to the class as long as you subscribe.

              What devices can I watch the lectures on?

              Any device you want to use.  All that is required is a good internet connection.

                It seems a bit pricey.

                It’s hard to put a price on knowledge.

                Our primary goal is to help you make your studio the best it can be. All of our courses are designed to teach you the real science behind how glazes work to help you get more successful work out of your kiln.

                You don’t have to take our word for it. Check out what our students have said about our classes! Read Reviews.

                  Are you going to talk about…

                  Let us stop you there. We are going to talk about EVERYTHING related to glazes and clay.

                  Temperatures? Yes? Clay Flaws? You bet your buttons. Atmosphere? You better believe it. Materials? No way around it. At the end of this course you will have a thorough understanding of ALL aspects of glazes and clays.

                    I work at temperature X, is this class relevant to me?

                    Yes, we talk about glazes as a whole. All firing temperatures are interrelated. We will teach you all of the how’s and why’s of all glazes.

                      Why should I take this class? I’ve got books.

                      Books are great, but books are a supplement and a reference in education. We believe that audio and visual learning is still the most powerful educational tool. The experience of listening and looking helps us to truly UNDERSTAND a subject.

                        Science? Are you going to make me learn chemistry?

                        Yes! Glazes are chemical reactions, and to understand them, we have to understand chemistry.

                          But I’m an artist. Science doesn’t apply. I use materials differently.

                          Science always applies. Yes, artists have a special approach to how we think about and use materials. We have to be considerate of what is going on in our materials. Ceramics is a scientific process, even if the result is art.

                            I heard a rumor….

                            The ceramics community is wonderful, but is also filled with rumors and speculation about how things work. That information is often wrong or misleading. We use the best information and research to teach you how your materials REALLY work. All of our teachings are backed up by research and data, no rumors or speculation.

                              Can I take this course for academic credit?

                              No, this version of the class is not for academic credit, but we can provide a certificate of completion.

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