Ethics Statement

Last Updated: 12/4/2023

Ceramic Materials Workshop has built and continues to build its business based on our own independent testing and research.  Our mission is to provide credible information to our community based on science, evidence and data.  

The publishing of our research is meant to provide facts to empower and inform purchasing decisions and influence businesses to improve the products and services that they deliver.  Everything used for our research and testing has been purchased by us, unless otherwise noted.  And any analysis provided on our website (or our other informational channels) are our own and backed by our own laboratory testing.  

Sponsorships & Product Reviews

Sponsored content is not common on any of our company platforms.  If we choose to highlight a brand, product or service, it will always be because we actually use the brand, product or service ourselves and genuinely believe in it. 

Our position is simple.  If we do receive a sponsorship for a brand, product or service, we will make it very clear that such content is sponsored. If we don’t explicitly say that a video is sponsored, then it is not sponsored.

Most of the equipment and products we use and review are purchased by us. Occasionally companies will send a product to us free of charge.  If we use it in one of our videos, we will always clearly state in the video and description that it was provided to us at no cost. 

Offering us free products never guarantees a positive review (or even a review/video at all). Just like with sponsorships, we are very selective about accepting anything for free and will only do so after sharing this Ethics Statement with the brand representative.

The below outlines our company’s “ethics guidelines” so that our viewers and brand representatives are fully aware of our position and we are therefore all on the same page.

  • Our work is our own. Our team creates and produces each video based on what we believe is relevant/helpful to our audience.
  • Any brand, product or service reviews we provide are always as objective as possible and our opinions are always our own. 
  • We do not submit previews of videos to anyone for approval or revisions. No exceptions.
  • We have full control over our work and calendar. We will not allow an outside party to pay or otherwise influence us in return for content, scheduling or priority.  This includes embargo releases.
  • Just because a product is provided to us at no cost does not mean we will review it or feature it in a video or on our company platforms. 
  • We only work directly with reputable brands and representatives. 
  • We will review company provided brand, product and service information about their products/services, but we will only include what we think is relevant and necessary.
  • We will ask the company to clarify anything about a product/service that we don’t fully understand.
  • We retain full control over what is shared on all of our accounts across all of our company platforms.
  • The “includes paid promotion” option will be noted or checked any time a video features a product or service that was provided at no cost, even if it’s not an official sponsorship.
  • Our content may be shared, as long as the post links directly to the original video, post or article are uploaded to our social media or YouTube channels. Videos may not be re-uploaded elsewhere.
  • We do not guarantee any number of views on reviewed or sponsored content or any amount of audience engagement on any of our content. 

Thanks for taking the time to read and understand our Ethics Statement. We highly value the integrity behind what we do and the relationship with anyone who takes the time to check out something we have made.

The CMW team – Matt, Rose & Kyra

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