We’re going to be launching our next online workshop VERY SOON!!! It’s called The Middle Glazes: The how, what and why of mid temperature glazes. It’s going to blow your mind.

Here we have a cool representation of glaze chemistry at work. These are all variations on 20×5, but in each variation we change the fluxes.

20×5 is the 4321 of Cone 6. A glaze with a formula that is easy to remember. 5 ingredients, each at 20%. But the question is often, “Which Ingredients?” This year shows you that the answer is pretty much “Any”. The original formula by Tony Hansen, was composed of Custer Feldspar, Wollastonite, Frit 3134, EPK, and Silica.

In these tests we keep the Frit 3134, EPK, and Silica. What we changed is the Alkali Metal (Custer Feldspar) and Alkaline Earth (Wollastonite). We substituted other “Feldspars” Neph Sy and Spodumene and other Alkaline Earth sources, Whiting, Dolomite, Strontium Carbonate.

Lots more to dive into here. And we will in future posts.

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