Your favorite ceramic glaze podcast nerds are back for Season 3 of For Flux Sake!  

“For Flux Sake” is a podcast hosted by the team of Kathy King of the Harvard Ceramics Department and husband and wife Rose and Matt Katz, co-founders of Ceramic Materials Workshop.  

With new episodes dropping every two weeks, the For Flux Sake team takes listeners on an intellectual journey that spans the realms of ceramics and the human experience.  Engaging with the podcast means becoming a part of a global community of thinkers and explorers.

During each episode, the gang answers listener-submitted questions that cover such topics as ceramic chemistry, equipment, and material science.  Current fans love the storytelling based on the gang’s own experiences with ceramics and teaching and working in the industry. In Season 3, you’ll find yourself drawn into narratives that make the science of ceramics accessible and relatable.  This season also promises to continue challenging common ceramic myths that can be very useful for anyone who works in ceramics with great advice that can be brought to their studios.

For Flux Sake is produced by The Brickyard Podcast Network, whose goal is to immerse their listeners in the ceramic arts world through artist conversations with clay buffs globally. Whether speaking about the artist’s studio process or delving into larger institutional spaces, the content highlights those who are pushing ceramics forward and aims to broaden the representation of ceramic history, shedding light on previously overlooked artists. 

The Brickyard Podcast Network offers a wide selection of podcasts including interview format dialogue, conversations on diversity and equity in the ceramic art world, and investigative approaches to technology and aesthetics. With a strong focus on the contemporary landscape of clay arts, they hope to create a more representative future canon of ceramics. Their commitment is to expand and diversify our collective dialogue by highlighting the lives and work of artists who have been historically underrepresented in ceramics.

New For Flux Sake episodes drop every other Wednesday, but if you are a new listener, you can catch up and listen to all of the Season 1 and Season 2 episodes here.

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