As the holiday season approaches, the search for unique and meaningful gifts takes center stage. This year, why not give a gift of learning the science behind ceramic glazes and how to make them?  Ceramic Materials Workshop can help!  We’ve got gifts for all the makers and potters in your life!

Courses & Workshops – Ceramic Materials Workshop’s courses and workshops offer lots of opportunities to explore the science behind the art of ceramic glazing.   Our courses will teach you everything you wanted to know about glazes – glaze materials, how to mix them, the chemistry behind them, how to make special effects and so much more.  And you don’t need to have any experience!  This course is perfect for all levels of makers, no matter where you live.  Learn more here!

And as a special holiday gift to our ceramics community, we are offering special savings on our Glaze of Our Lives and The Middle Glazes workshops!  Save 25% if you use the code CMWHoliday at checkout.

Digital Book –  Test, Test, Test!  7,500 Glaze Tests From Ceramic Materials Workshop is our new online resource for the ceramics community.  It contains over 7,500 glaze tests for 8 base glazes fired to Cone 10 and 7 base glazes fired to Cone 6 in both oxidation and reduction.  Recipes, images and chemistry is included for all 15 base glazes.  We also tested using multiple thicknesses and all sources of alkaline and earth metals and colorants that we have available to us. It’s an amazing amount of glaze knowledge!  Lifetime access is included.

Merchandise – Show your love of CMW to all your friends by wearing a CMW T-shirt or collectible enamel pin.  We also have For Flux Sake T-shirts if you are a listener.  Shop here!  

Gift Certificates – Not sure which course would be best?  We have gift certificates in $50, $100 and $250 amounts.  They never expire and can be used towards any CMW course, workshop, book or merchandise.  Shop here!  

If you want to keep your CMW gift a surprise, you can purchase it under your name and then send it to the giftee when you are ready.  Just send us an email once you gift it and we’ll work with you.

Wishing all of you a great holiday season filled with Test, Test, Test-ing!! 

-The CMW Team

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