Mastering Glaze Formulation with the Unity Molecular Formula: A Guide to Ceramic Materials Workshop’s Glazed & Confused course

For ceramic artists, the glaze is a crucial element that can transform a piece from ordinary to extraordinary. The art and science of glazing demand precise control and a deep understanding of materials. This is where the Unity Molecular Formula (UMF) comes into play. At Ceramic Materials Workshop, we’ve developed a powerful UMF glaze calculator and an in-depth course, “Glazed and Confused,” to help you master this essential aspect of ceramics.

What is the Unity Molecular Formula (UMF)?

The Unity Molecular Formula (UMF) is a method used to represent the molecular ratios of materials in a glaze. By understanding and utilizing UMF, potters can create glazes with specific surfaces, textures, and colors. The UMF approach provides a structured way to formulate glazes, ensuring consistent and predictable results.

“Glazed and Confused” Course

For those who want to dive deeper into the world of UMF, we offer our short online workshop “Glazed and Confused:  Understanding the Unity Molecular Formula”. This workshop explores the mysteries of the Unity Molecular Formula, teaching you how to use UMF to create the best glazes possible. The course includes lifetime access, allowing you to learn at your own pace and revisit the material whenever needed.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Where the UMF comes from
  • How to calculate the UMF
  • How to read the UMF numbers
  • Predicting glaze behavior
  • And Lots more!

More information on the course can be found here.

Also check out our Free Custom UMF Glaze Calculators!

We designed four free UMF glaze calculators to meet your specific needs:

  • Basic UMF: The original tool, ideal for most users.
  • EU/UK Version: Tailored for European materials.
  • Experimental UMF: Incorporates the chemistry of colorants in addition to the base glaze.
  • UMF to Batch Calculator: Converts UMF data into complete glaze recipes.

All four calculators are available for download here.

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Have a few more minutes?  Check out our YouTube channel below for an overview of the Glazed and Confused course.  We add new videos frequently, so make sure that you subscribe to be notified when we add new content.

-The CMW Team

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