Episode 34 – Is it ok to recycle my throwing clay and use it as a casting slip?

On today’s episode of For Flux Sake our hosts answer three questions about clay bodies. They talk about how you make casting slip, determining when it is ok to mix clay bodies together, and whether or not aging your clay makes a difference for plasticity. Listen to episode 34 now on your favorite podcast app or stream here.

Kathy, Matt, and Rose are excited to announce that the first in-person taping of For Flux Sake will be happening at this year’s NCECA in Cincinnati. If you come to the podcast room at 1pm on Friday March 17th you can join the live taping and have your questions answered. It’s going to be a blast so bring your questions and your friends!

If you have a ceramic chemistry problem you’d like help with, send us a voice memo with your question to forfluxsakepodcast@gmail.com. To see the supplemental info, we talked about in this episode, visit the blog at www.ceramicmaterialsworkshop.com/cmw-blog.

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