Episode 69 Can ceramics be safely used for mixing hair dye?

Listen to episode 69 where Matt, Rose, and Kathy discuss a listener’s question about the use of ceramic bowls in the hair salon. Can ceramic be safely used for mixing hair dye? The team delves into the chemistry to determine if these bowls are a safe choice or a potential disaster.

Thinking about going green in the studio? The gang dives into listener concerns about sustainability in a large community ceramics space. Is lowering firing temperatures the answer? What about the materials themselves? Join the discussion as they explore how to strike a balance between eco-friendly practices and keeping a community studio functional. Listen now on your favorite podcast app or stream here.

Glaze got you in a daze? Mystery clay malfunction? Fire up your phone and send the For Flux Sake crew a voice memo or a message with your ceramic crisis at forfluxsakepodcast@gmail.com – your problem could be solved on-air!

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