Revolutionize Your Ceramic Testing Experience with Pro-Test: The Ultimate Test Tile by Ceramic Materials Workshop

The CMW team is thrilled to announce the launch of Pro-Test, the ultimate ceramic test tile designed to transform the way artists experiment with glazes and applications. Engineered with precision and crafted with care, Pro-Test promises to unlock the full potential of ceramic testing, offering unparalleled features and benefits for artists of all levels.

Features & Benefits:

  • Original Design: Pro-Test embodies CMW’s commitment to excellence and innovation with its original design, setting it apart from traditional test tiles.  Patent pending.
  • Ready for Testing: Pro-Test arrives bisqued and ready for testing, eliminating the need for lengthy preparation processes and allowing artists to dive straight into experimentation.
  • Versatile Usage: Made with a custom cone 10 casting slip, Pro-Test can be used at multiple temperatures, offering flexibility and adaptability to suit specific needs.
  • Stackable Storage Design: Pro-Test’s stackable storage design keeps workspaces organized and clutter-free, maximizing efficiency and convenience.
  • Dual Faces for Versatile Applications: With two separate application thicknesses on one tile, Pro-Test offers unmatched versatility, enabling artists to test and compare different techniques with precision.
  • Built-in Catch Tray: Pro-Test features a built-in catch tray to ensure kiln shelves stay clean during firing.
  • Simple Application Rails: Pro-Test’s simple application rails allow for effortless glaze application, designed for easy handling and controlled application.
  • Easy Labeling and Identification: Pro-Test’s underside is designed for easy labeling and identification, keeping track of tests and experiments with ease.
  • Perfect Dimensions: Each Pro-Test tile measures 3.25″H x 3.5″W x 3.5”D, providing a maximized surface area for multiple applications and tests.

Additionally, the Pro-Test Silicone Mold used to slip cast Pro-Test test tiles is also now available, allowing artists to create unlimited Pro-Test test tiles for a lifetime of exploration.

With the Pro-Test Silicone Mold makers can:

  • Make Unlimited Pro-Test Test Tiles: With CMW’s original designed Pro-Test silicone mold, artists can now create unlimited test tiles to fuel their creativity endlessly.
  • Lasts a Lifetime: Crafted with durability in mind, the Pro-Test mold boasts a lifetime of unlimited casting, ensuring artists have a reliable tool for their ceramic journey.
  • Infinite Testing: With an infinite number of casts at your disposal, explore a myriad of techniques and glazes without ever running out of test tiles.
  • Long-Term Savings: Invest in your craft wisely with the Pro-Test mold’s small upfront cost, offering unparalleled long-term value and savings.
  • Customization: Tailor test tiles to exact specifications by selecting preferred casting slip or plaster, allowing for endless possibilities in artistic endeavors.
  • Easy Assembly: Enjoy hassle-free setup with the Pro-Test mold’s user-friendly design, allowing artists to focus on their artistry without any unnecessary complications.
  • Instructional Video: Seamlessly master the mold process with our comprehensive instructional video, ensuring perfect results every time.
  • Assembled size: 5.5″H x 11.5″W x 7″D – Patent Pending.

Don’t miss the opportunity to revolutionize your ceramic testing experience with Pro-Test and the Pro-Test Silicone Mold. 

Pro-Test is now available for purchase on Ceramic Material Workshop’s store offering ceramic artists the opportunity to elevate their testing experience and unlock endless creative possibilities.   More information is available here!

With knowledge and testing, you can make informed choices to make your studio and work the best that it can be.  If you haven’t already, join our community. Learn more by exploring our online courses and workshops, follow us on Social Media @ceramicmaterialsworkshop or sign up for our Newsletter.  

Together, we can build a community of informed and empowered ceramic makers who value quality and craftsmanship.

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