Episode 62 How Can I Make Durable Floor Tiles?

This episode of Flux Sake is a technical delight! Rose and Matt unpack the fascinating world of commercial clay body profiling with Ceramic Material Workshop’s ongoing research project. They’ll unpack the different tests used and what they reveal about a clay body’s performance. Need to know the perfect clay body and glazes for your project? We’ve got you covered! The gang also tackles listener questions on finding durable materials for high-use barware and crafting long-lasting floor tiles. Are you feeling the spray gun frustration? You’re not alone! The episode wraps up with solutions to a clogged spray gun, with insights from Kathy, Rose, and Matt on keeping your glaze application smooth. Listen to episode 62 now on your favorite podcast app or stream here.

If you have a ceramic chemistry question or problem you’d like help with, send us a voice memo with your question to forfluxsakepodcast@gmail.com.

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