Episode 67 Should I be afraid of manganese?

Clay drama got you throwing shade? We’ve ALL been there! Join the For Flux Sake gang for episode 67 as we commiserate over inconsistent clay bodies and the woes of surprise firing results. We’ll explore the limitations of trying to adjust an existing clay body and glaze to meet your needs and some of the many reasons why commercial clay bodies can vary from batch to batch. Plus, we’ll shed some light on the truth about manganese myths. Learn what is and what is not an actual hazard to your health. Don’t rage-quit that project yet, listen to the latest episode of For Flux Sake and regain your sanity in the studio! Listen to episode 67 now on your favorite podcast app or stream here.

Glaze got you in a daze? Mystery clay malfunction? Fire up your phone and send the For Flux Sake crew a voice memo or a message with your ceramic crisis at forfluxsakepodcast@gmail.com – your problem could be solved on-air!

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